EverBright (150-250 mJ @ 1064 nm)

(EN) The EverBright is a new laser for double pulse LIBS applications.
The EverBright follows the same design concepts as Quantel’s EverGreen PIV laser system, the standard for PIV lasers in the market. The resonators in the EverBright are replaced with GRM versions to generate the low beam divergence needed for LIBS applications.
With the dual pulse output 1 pulse can be used as a cleaning shot or to reheat the plasma

  • Low divergent resonator design (< 1.5 mrad) for focusing to small spot sizes
  • 2 x 1064 nm laser pulses with variable time delay
  • 2 models with 150 and 250 mJ pulse energy per pulse
  • 2 lasers in one box design
  • Sealed for installations in different environments
  • 15 Hz repetition rate
  • Horizontal and vertical, cross polarized


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