Gama Analizi Yazılımı SpectraLineGP



The software is provided with precision spectra processing functions. The spectra processing includes procedures of calibration, finding of the peak parameters, radionuclide identification, activity calculation, and correction allowance for true summation in view of the subsequent gamma-ray intensity correction. The use of a nonparametric model for complete visualization of absorption peaks makes it possible to create an adequate model for any energy range line. The possibility of integrating external software packages allows for the use of SpectraLineGP software as an auxiliary instrument in order to implement the user methodologies for solving non-standard spectrometric problems. For convenience, several operations associated with spectra processing can be written in the scenario format.

SpectraLineGP offers the following options:

  • Color scheme adjustment of the window
  • Data copying into the spectrum windows
  • Addition/deletion of peaks and zones in a spectrum
  • Viewing the parameters of indicated zones or separate peaks
  • Zone integration or splitting into smaller zones
  • Viewing of calibration results, corrections, calculations, etc.

It is possible to create libraries of arbitrary (optional) configuration depending on the task to be solved is involved in the program.

Information is provided on the radionuclide designation, its half-life period, line energy, line intensity, and absolute error.

The program has a built-in editor, which allows making up the reports of various forms and connecting external programs.

SpectraLine supports the most well-known spectra formats:
*.spc (SPC “Aspect”);
*.chn (Ortec);
*.mca (BSI, XIA);
*.cnf (Canberra);
*.asc (IAEA);
*.ats (Atomtex);
*.spm (extended, “LSRM”).



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