Hg/HgO Referans Elektrot (CS902)


Alkaline/Mercury Oxide Reference Electrode consists of Hg/HgO/1M KOH. It can be used in high alkaline electrolyte solution.
HgO + H2O + 2e = Hg + 2OH
E= 0.098V vs. NHE at 25℃
You may freely change the solution by taking off the side cover.
Electrode impedance:≤10KΩ
Potential at 25℃:0.098V
Flow rate at interface: 1drop/10min
Solution in the salt bridge: 1M KOH
1.  Please take off the rubber cover at the part of the electrode interface when use.
2. There shouldn’t be air bubbles in the solution in salt bridge otherwise the measuring circuit may be blocked. Please remove air bubbles of the tube before first use. (swing the electrode as the thinner portion towards down.)
3. During measurement, the level of solution in salt bridge should be higher than the solution of the sample.
4. Please store the electrode in alkaline solution.
5. Please regularly replace with solution in the salt bridge and clean the internal wall of the electrode.