Radyasyon Portal Monitörleri



Radiation Portal Monitors (RPM) are permanently installed radiation detection systems designed for automated screening of pedestrians, vehicles and trains passing through the detection zone of RPM for presence of gamma and neutron radiation. The RPM alerts the security office and front line officer about the presence of radioactive and nuclear material and provides additional alarm associated information: type of alarm (gamma, neutron or both), relative amplitude of the alarm, etc.

RPM software functionality:

  • Visual and audible indication of alarm
  • Automated adjustment of the gamma-ray and neutron alarm thresholds without interfering with ongoing operation
  • Provision of horizontal scanning profiles for neutrons and gamma radiation in case of alarm for each detector
  • Interactive operator window with identified radionuclides list and corresponding count rates vs. time (semiconductor detector option)
  • Documentation of the radiation alarm, including entering the results of secondary screening assessment
  • Monitoring of the status of health of all subsystems (gamma and neutron detectors, occupancy and tamper sensors, on-pillar alarm indicators, temperature inside the housings, climate control, remote link and power supply)
  • Recording, storing and processing of information
  • Data retrieval from archive and review
  • Log alarms
  • Indication of count rate for individual detector in RPM
  • Support LAN and TCP/IP connection
  • Password protected setup of critical system parameters
  • Automatic shut down and start up after loss of power


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