Sıvıların ve Gaz Akışlarının Radyonüklid Analizi için Kalkanlı HPGe Spektrometresi



The spectrometer with shield is designed for defining the composition and activity of radionuclides in the flow of liquids and gases in automated technological processes in the nuclear power industry, environmental monitoring and in industrial applications involving radionuclides. The Spectrometer can be used for radiation monitoring and various tasks like definition of activity of naturally occurring radionuclides (NORM) in building materials, raw materials, foodstuff, industrial waste monitoring and technological radionuclide production and processing without sampling. The Spectrometer allows pre-setting algorithm of continuous and autonomous measurement in advanced to avoid interaction of employees with the Spectrometer and samples in case of remote installation or installation in restricted area. Complete control, monitoring, calibration and preventive maintenance of the Spectrometer is performed remotely by means of Ethernet interface or other available interfaces.

  • Low activity samples

To get more statistics, the system is equipped with large diameter tube and might have several loops around the detector in order bigger amount of the sample was located around the detector for measurement.

The system is also capable to perform not only continuous measurement of sample flow but also to perform sampling by stopping the flow for certain amount of time to get more time for acquisition.

  • Low and middle activity samples

One loop tube can be used of sampling. Material of the tube can be acryl or glass.

  • High activity samples

High activity samples can be brought the detector by using metal tube of relatively small diameter. Such kind of tubes can be used for measurement of hot liquid samples and high pressurized gas samples within reasonable limits.

Diameter and material of the tube is carefully determined during technical discussion with the user in order to consider of parameters of technological line and environmental conditions.

Depending on the application, other sample vessels are available to be used instead of sample tube. Acryl or metal Marinelli-type vessels.


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