Spektrometre AirSPEC



The spectrometer AirSPEC is a monoblock unit, comprising connectors, outputs and hardware for data transfer. Inside of the spectrometer housing has scintillation detector NaI(Tl) inside, photoelectronic multiplier (PMT), spectrometric stabilization system, HV converter, amplifier, multichannel pulses analyzer (MCA) and processor unit. The spectrometer is placed into thermostabilising and damp proof housing.

AirSPEC measurement system is autonomous and automated. Operator is able to access the spectrometer remotely through Ethernet, able to execute the analysis of the measured spectra using modern and full-featured software.

Example of order code :    “AirSPEC-N76-M-A”
[N76] – type and size of detector : ‘N’ – NaI(Tl) ; ‘76’ – Ø76x76mm.

Types of detectors: ‘N’ – NaI(Tl); ‘L’ – LaBr3(Ce); ‘C’ – CeBr.
[M] – monitor.
[W] – winch.
[A] – alarm console.


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