Yüksek Hıza Geliştirme Kiti


The 100-12-G1 High Speed Upgrade Kit can be added to any new system with DROPimage Advanced (i.e., Models 250, 260, 290, 500, and 590). This kit includes a 210 fps high speed digital camera with high throughput Gigabit Ethernet interface. This kit also includes an upgrade to a powerful workstation with sufficient processing power and additional memory to handle the demanding tasks of high-speed video capture. The DROPimage Advanced software v2.5 includes tools for capturing and saving high-speed videos to AVI files. And video replay and recalculate features allows individual frames or series of frames to be analyzed in real-time or after data collection. This kit is designed to be added to any new system. Please call or contact us for information on upgrading an existing instrument.



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