CDE Cartridge Probe with 6-way Connector

Jandel Engineering Limited manufactures the cartridge with 6-way connector probe head to be compatible with systems manufactured by CDE, Creative Design Engineering.
All Jandel probes are built to a high level of mechanical accuracy. Specifications for radii, spacing and planarity are verified by video inspection system and optical interferometer. Loads are verified by electronic force gauge. Each probe has upper and lower jeweled needle guides.
The probe manufactured for KLA/Tencor/Prometrix tools is very similar, however the probes are not inter-changeable and great care should be taken, especially if both systems are in use on site. CDE compatible probe heads have a distinctive black nosepiece.



Probe Spacing 0.500mm, 0.635mm, 1.00mm, 1.27mm, 1.591mm (needle to needle)
Tolerance +/- 10 microns
Arrangement Linear or square array
Needles Tungsten carbide 0.4mm diameter (0.3mm diameter for close spacing)
Needle Option 50% Osmium alloy tips are available
Radii 12.5, 25, 40, 100, 150, 200, 300, 500 microns
Retraction to pad 0.5 mm
Planarity +/- 0.025mm or better
Loads Fixed between 100g and 250g
Electrical leakage 1013 ohms resistance between needles at 500 volts

Note: CDE tools operate differently to other systems and the needles should never be retracted as far as the probe body. The optimum load is at 0.5mm retraction and the system should be carefully set up prior to the probe being used so that this is achieved. Alternatively the auto touch function can be used on some models.