Jandel Macor Four Point Probe

The Jandel Macor Probe head is suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures – approximately -190C to 300C (around 80K to 600K).
The high temperature is given for measurement in an oven. It is possible to measure samples are higher temperature where the sample is heated using a hotplate and the contact time with the sample is not excessive.


Macor probe
(Suitable for use at high/low temperatures)
Jandel Engineering Limited manufactures the Macor probe for use at high or low temperatures. The range the probe can be used in an oven is approximately 80K to 600K. If the sample only is heated the probe can be used for measurements up to 1000K although prolonged contact with the sample should be avoided.
If a more limited range is suitable then consideration can be given to an adjusted version of the Jandel Cylindrical Probe which can be used at temperatures from 80K to 500K.
Please note that the Macor Probe is not jewel guided.

Probe Spacing 1.00mm, 1.27mm, 1.591mm (needle to needle)
Tolerance +/- 20 microns
Arrangement Linear array only
Needles Tungsten carbide 0.4mm diameter
Needle Option 50% Osmium alloy tips are available
Radii 12.5, 25, 40, 100, 150, 200, 300, 500 microns
Retraction to Pad 0.5 mm
Planarity +/- 0.025mm or better
Loads Fixed between 100g and 200g
Electrical Leakage 1013 ohms resistance between needles at 500 volts