Jandel Very Close Spacing Probe

This probe uses a staggered jewel arrangement in order to acheive probe spacing of 0.500mm spacing.
The picture to the left compres a ‘standard’ 1.591mm spacing probe with the 0.500mm spacing probe
This probe can be used for probing close to sample edges or where a sample has very small dimensions.


Very Close Spacing Probe (0.5mm spacing)

Jandel Engineering Limited manufactures the very close spacing probe (0.5mm spacing) for measurements made very close to the edge of samples or for measurement of very small samples. The image above shows a comparison between the 0.500mm spacing probe and a ‘standard. 1.591mm spacing probe. All Jandel probes are built to a high level of mechanical accuracy. Specifications for radii, spacing and planarity are verified by video inspection system and optical interferometer. Loads are verified by electronic force gauge. Each probe has upper and lower jeweled needle guides.

Probe Spacing 0.500mm (needle to needle)
Tolerance +/- 10 microns
Arrangement Linear array only
Needles Tungsten carbide 0.3mm diameter
Needle Option 50% Osmium alloy tips are available
Radii 12.5, 25, 40, 100, 150, 200, 300, 500 microns
Retraction to Pad 0.5 mm
Planarity +/- 0.025mm or better
Loads Fixed 100g
Electrical Leakage 1013 ohms resistance between needles at 500 volts

Note: 0.5mm spacing is not available with every style of probe. Please contact
us for availability for your application