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BTS4000 Serisi Çift Çıkış Aralığı Test Cihazı


Dual range significantly improved the accuracy of Neware BTS4000 series batter testers, and more importantly, it made CVD(constant voltage discharge) function come into reality. Meanwhile, it also helps customers to save cost. Currently there are 5V10mA/50mA/6A/12A available, more models on the way.

BTS4000 Serisi


The very adaptable and most popular battery cyclers/analyzers/testers in the whole battery world.

BTS9000 Serisi


The most advanced battery cyclers/analyzers/testers for you to find future battery material.

IGBT Yüksek Güç Serisi


Nonlinear technology brings you the cost-efficient and powerful battery packs tester. For large EV battery packs or energy storage system. BMS communication supported and regenerative.