Gas Filled Detectors

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Wide-ranging Gamma-rays Dose Capacity Detection Units BDRG-47R, BDRG-47R-01


Detection units – BDRG-47R, BDRG-47R-01 are used for early detection of the accident on a nuclear plant, development and localization control by uninterrupted measurements of gamma-ray dose capacity absorbed in air inside the confinement in all types of accidents, including unexpected.

Electricity through a sealed communication line and a cable passage is received by a sealed electrometric unit, which produces electricity digital measurements and transfers it data in to gamma radiation doze digital value. The RS-485 MODBUS RTU Interface value can be transferred separately to the SRK display and indicator with its own letters and/or numbers indicator (in case of stand-alone equipment), or simultaneously both of its necessity.

Service equipment is meant to verify detection units work modes, objectives and sensitivity rate control, efficiency control and simplifying technical support.

Neutron Search Detector KSAR1U.06


Detection and localization of neutron sources