Residual Gas Analyzers

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PPM100 — Partial pressure monitor for RGA

The PPM100 is a stand-alone controller/monitor for SRS residual gas analyzers. It measures partial pressures from SRS RGAs and total pressure from up to four capacitance manometers. Graphical output is available on a touch screen LCD display. The PPM100 includes 8-channel process control capability, four analog I/O ports, RS-232, USB and GPIB computer interfaces, and a web interface.

RGA Series — Up to 300 amu gas analyzers

The 100, 200 and 300 amu residual gas analyzers from SRS offer exceptional performance and value. These RGA’s provide detailed gas analysis of vacuum systems at about half the price of competitive models. Each RGA system comes complete with a quadrupole probe, electronics control unit (ECU), and a real-time Windows software package that is used for data acquisition and analysis, as well as probe control.