The ACV systems provide 100% non-contact, non-destructive measurements for epi layer resistivity by patented technology. The physics behind the measurement is quite similar to C-V Schottky or Hg-probe, and thus the output is a traditional C-V doping profile. The difference is that the electrode does not touch the wafer, resulting in substantial cost savings of monitor wafers.

The model includes complete automation, powerful software and excellent measurement repeatability.


Features and System specifications:

  • Edge exclusion: 10 mm (standard ACV sensor) or 6 mm (rEE ACV sensor)
  • Throughput: 6 wafers/hour (PTC + particle detection & ACV measurement in 5 pts). The treatment is recipe-dependent. Measurement time for one point: 55-70 seconds (stage motions + particle detection + ACV measurement)
  • Number of measurement points, measurement area: No limit in measurement points; 1 mm
  • Profile measurement depth: Like MOS C-V, depth depends on resistivity and surface charge
ACV-2200 ACV-3000 ACV-3100
Wafer Size up to 200 mm 300 mm 200 and 300 mm
End Effector Paddle Edge Grip Paddle
Loadport Open Casette / SMIF FOUP FOUP
Number of Loadports 1 1 or 2 1 or 2
Factory Automation SECS/GEM Full Full

Epimet was originally developed by SemiTest, and Semilab continues to sell, support and improve the product.