ALPHAE – Ultra-small Radon Monitor

Ultra-small continuous radon monitor
AlphaE is a versatile device for fast radon monitoring in buildings, outdoors or mines. Due to its light-weight and small dimensions, it can also perfectly be used to measure the personal radon exposure and to manage personal dose.
AlphaE is fast and accurate providing a first reliable measurement after 2 hours (faster response with higher radon levels). Low radon levels below 100 Bq/m³ (2.7 pCi/l) can be measured as specified by the latest World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations (12% uncertainty at 1 sigma/24 hours).
Up to 6 months battery life allows long-term measurement without mains power.
Permanent operations via mains supply are possible via USB port.
In addition to the radon concentration, the air temperature, pressure and humidity as well as the signals of the built-in tampering detector are simultaneously recorded, all accompanied by respective time stamps.


Indoor activities
AlphaE is well designed for the measurement at low radon concentrations in buildings (private houses, workplaces…)

Outdoor activities
With its large temperature and humidity range, AlphaE is suitable for underground activities & harsh environment.

Technical Features
Detection Principle: Diffusion chamber with silicon diode
Measurment Range: From 20 Bq/m³ to 10 MBq/m³ (from 0,54 pCi/l to 270 nCi/l)
Sensivity: 3 cph at 100 Bq/m³ (2,7 pCi/l)
Dose Range: From 0 to 1 Sv (from 0 to 10 rem)
Display: 6 digit LCD + 5 digit AN, backlight
Additional Sensors:
• Air temperature
• Air pressure
• Air humidity
• Motion
Autonomy: Up to 6 months (USB rechargeable)
Dimensions: 108 x 68 x 30 mm
Weight: 165 g