Automated Microscopy Systems & Controls

Custom Assistance for digital Imaging, measurements, stage automation and image analysis


Holmarc undertake custom modification of existing of microscopes. The customization can be for stage automation, controlled turret movements, automation of filter wheels, shutters, focusing assemblies, etc.

We manufacture motorized stages for microscopes on a regular basis. These can be standard or non-standard stages. Most often, electrical drive employed are microstepping motors. The stages make use of precision rolling contact guideways and pre-loaded ground leadscrews. The stages are designed to be suitable and ready to fit for the existing microscope. We make sure that the instrument down time is minimum for customization.


Custom Microscope stages and controls

Our positioning devices are described in the fourth chapter. We manufacture stages having travel from 5 mm to 500 mm. Microscope automation stages are our preferred products. Most often, our standard stages do not suit the existing microscopes at customer site. We regularly modify our stages to suit the microscope and applications. Our stages can achieve sub-micron sensitivity with negligible friction and stick-slip. Play and wobble are eliminated for all practical purposes. Kindly contact our engineers for custom microscope stage requirements.
 Bipolar drive
 PWM current control
 1A / 5A drives
 1/16 micro step
 Microprocessor controlled
 Power down mode
 Position & speed contro
 Acceleration / Deceleration
 Trigger I/O
 In-built power supply
 Customizable number
of freedom
 PC based operation
 Serial port (RS232C)
 Optional USB to serial


We have standard software for microscope stages. Facilities are available for point to point positioning and scanning by programming through an attached personal computer. Trigger O/P- I/P is another feature which enables integration of external devices with the software and hardware . We also help to integrate our hardware with other popular packages like LabView by providing the micro-processor program codes in control electronics.