Calibration Software EffMaker


Modelling of gamma-spectra and calculation of registration efficiency for complex shaped objects EffMaker performs mathematical efficiency calibration (without using calibration sources) of the detector for arbitrary measurement geometries, different shapes and dimensions of the source, disposal and distance from the detector, content and density of the matrix. The calculation of registration efficiency is carrying out on the base of Monte-Carlo method by the EffMaker software for containers with arbitrary geometries and composition such as (sphere, cylinder, parallelepiped etc.).

Detector characterization and for example the following templates of geometries could be provided:

  • Complex parallelepiped;
  • Complex cylinder;
  • Pipe;
  • Marinelli;
  • Pipe with internal/external contamination;
  • Square pipe with internal/external contamination;
  • Room/parallelepiped with contaminated internal surface;
  • Wall/plate;
  • Other geometries according to customer needs including multilayer geometries.




Software complex EffMaker is designed for modeling of gamma-spectra and the calculation of registration efficiency for complex shaped objects that are obtained with the use of semiconducting and scintillation detectors of gamma radiation. The modeling is realized by Monte-Carlo method. For the increase of the calculations’ speed for the prescribed detector there is modeled its response function that represents a set of spectra for monochromatic radiation in the prescribed range. The response function is transformed to the response matrix which takes into account number of channels of present spectrometer and its resolution. The gamma spectrum of the object (the physical spectrum of the source) in the point of the detector’s location is modeled independently. The apparatus spectrum of the source is obtained as convolution of the physical spectrum with the detector’s response matrix.


  • Detectors characterization to use detector parameters to calculate registration efficiency
  • Calculation registration efficiency and activities of radionuclides for objects with arbitrary geometries and composition
  • Multiple matrix correction, density, transmission correction
  • Calculation of activities of radionuclides for nonuniform distribution of activities of radionuclides in containers
  • Test beam
  • Collimator modeling tool
  • Etc