Environmental Chamber

The Environmental Chamber, in conjunction with any Model 100-00, 260, 500, 590, or 790 ramé-hart goniometer, permits controlled conditions for the study of contact angle, surface energy, and surface tension. Controlled elevated temperatures to 300° C are produced by the integral electrical heaters, while sub-ambient temperatures can be produced by circulating a suitable coolant through the base of the chamber. Fittings for this purpose, and others for atmosphere control, are furnished. The chamber is suitable for vacuum use and pressures to 0.6 Atmospheres. Custom designed environmental chambers are available by special request. This option requires a Proportional Temperature Controller (p/n 100-50) if regulated elevated temperature is desired. Order p/n 100-07-KIT if you require both the Environmental Chamber 100-07 and Proportional Temperature Controller 100-50.

Additionally, a quartz cell (p/n 100-07-50) is available for liquid/liquid, inverted sessile drop, and captive bubble studies. A Cover with Stage assembly (p/n 100-09-10, shown below) is also available to facilitate advanced studies requiring a submerged adjustable stage.