Jandel HM21 Test Unit

Jandel Engineering Limited offers the HM21 for use in making four point probe measurements. The HM21 has six constant current settings between 100nA and 10mA, and measures voltages from 0.01mV to 1250mV.
For sheet resistance measurements the quoted range is 1 ohm/square to 10 Megohms/square. Measurements outside this range are possible but with possible reduced accuracy.
For volume (bulk) resistivity measurements the quoted range is 10 milliohm.cm to 10 Kohm.cm. Measurements outside of this range may be possible but will depend on sample type e.g. whether the sample is a thin layer.



Measurement Range 1 ohm/square – 10 Megohms/square, 10 mohm.cm – 10 Kohm.cm
Units mV ohm/square
Onboard Memory Memory 50 measurements
Software For operation and data control supplied free of charge
Current 100nA – 10mA, reversible to verify contact and measurement
Accuracy 0.5% across range, better than 0.2% in mid range
Connections USB

Unit Selection
Measurements can be displayed on screen as mV or ohms/square.

Computer connection and Software
The HM21 can be connected to computer by USB connection. The customer can operate the unit using the computer keyboard, terminal emulation software such as HyperTerminal, or with the free software provided.



If you require any further information on the Jandel HM21 Test Unit please do not hesitate to contact us at Jandel using the details below