A4P Dört Nokta Prob Yöntemiyle Otomatik Direnç Haritalama Sistemi

(EN) The A4P-Series Wafer Resistivity Mappers use proven industry standards to provide fast, accurate and reliable measurements of sample resistivity distribution. MicroXact’s four-point probes measure the average resistance of semiconductor wafers of layers by passing current through the outside points of a four-point probe and measuring the voltage across the inside points. The value of resistivity, the property of the material giving it electrical resistance, can then be found by multiplying sheet resistance by the thickness of a film.

Offered as a 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, or 300mm system, the A4P four-point probe is designed to be maintenance-free and very easy to use. A variety of options are available for this system, including wide-range thermal testing, custom chucks for non-standard materials and 4-point probes customized for nearly any application.


Resistivity Measurement Automation Software

The A4P-200-PLUS automation software permits semi-automated or fully automated testing with the resistivity mapping system. The Interface is designed to be simple yet powerful, allowing users to easily set up an automated testing procedure for nearly any kind of wafer structure. The LabView-based software is logically structured and allows for easy integration of the customer’s own test and measurement equipment. The software can be installed on any PC with Windows XP or higher operating system.


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