Lazer Kesim Sistemi ile LCS- 4000 Serisi Analitik Probe İstasyonu

(EN) The LCS-4000 Probe Station with Integrated Laser Cutting System gives the user maximum flexibility in semiconductor diagnostic cutting, failure analysis, trimming, marking and topside layer removal. All of these functions can be performed on a microscopic level, all on this one system, which provides a high level of performance that is remarkably easy to use.

The integrated laser cutting system can be used to alter conductors on integrated circuits by laser ablating contact leads, sacrificial layers and other materials without damage to the devise internals. This laser trimming process allows for selective layer removal, such as topside layer removal, and can aid in semiconductor failure analysis or for fine tuning device characteristics, such as resistance, capacitance or RF properties. MicroXact’s laser cutting system is also capable of isolating faulty components by cutting the metal lines that connect the faulty component to the rest of the circuit. Pre-built logic includes automated identification of faulty devices on the wafer and erasing these devices from the wafer completely via ablation.

The LCS-4000 is offered as a motorized, semi-automated or fully-automated configuration system and can easily be configured for a wide range of applications with a variety of design options and accessories available.


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