Radyonüklid Analizi için Otomatik Spektrometre



The Automated Spectrometer is intended for the detection and analysis of radio nuclides from various types of environmental objects such as rocks, minerals, sludge, slag, soil, plant, sediment and particulate matter in air and water. The spectrometric system is able to determine the composition of a sample based on the photon energy and the activity based on the photon flux. The low-background lead shielding together with the highly pure germanium (HPGe) p-type detector gives precise results even for low activity materials.

The fully automated sample changer enables the user to measure up to 40 samples, without having to interact with the Automated Spectrometer. This reliable robotic sample changer increases the productivity and reduces the possibility of health risks for the operator.

Automatic Sample Changer

The six-axis robot handles a payload of up to 3kg and with a reach of 580 mm, the robot is able to carry out a series of operations using flexible rather than hard automated solutions. In addition to a horizontal reach of 580 mm, the robot has the ability to reach 112 mm below its base. Furthermore, the robot has a very compact turning radius, which is enabled by the robots symmetric architecture, without offset on axis 2. This ensures the robot can be mounted close to other equipment.

Basic characteristics of Robot arm:

Six-axis manipulator
Payload: 3 kg
Reach: 580 mm
Fastest 6-axis robot
Accuracy: +-0.01 mm
Footprint: 180 mm squared
Weight: 25 kg
IP30 protected
All motors and cablings enclosed
Compact controller
Sample holder tool for vessels with diameter in range 40 – 110 mm.

Barcode Reader and Writer

To assure the correct processing of all data during the measurement and analysis process, the samples are marked by using a barcode printer that is connected to the workstation. Here all necessary information about the sample is stored in a database. Using the bar code reader, the information stored in the database is retrieved for each sample before the measurement process is started. This fully automated process delivers all necessary information for the measurement and analysis process.


Measurement geometries are: Bottle 500ml, Bottle 250ml, Denta 60ml and Denta 30ml. Given numbers are applicable to a specific model but it is not a limitation. The system is flexible enough to be adjusted in accordance to specific requirements.


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