Pulse Generators for Special Applications

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Monocycle Generators

Avtech monocycle generators can provide a single cycle of RF at any frequency in the range 20 MHz to 5000 MHz, and find use in RF, ultrasound, radar, and UWB applications. Different models have different center frequency tuning characteristics. Some monocycle are approximately sinusoidal, and others are more rectangular in shape. See the datasheets for more information.

Semiconductor Device Testers

Avtech offers a range of solutions for semiconductor test requirements. Avtech can supply products suitable for many test requirments, including:

  • Reverse Recovery Time Tests (MIL-STD-750-4 Method 4031, etc.)
  • Forward Recovery Voltage and Time Tests (MIL-STD-750-4 Method 4026, etc.)
  • Transistor Switching Time Tests (MIL-PRF-19500, etc.)
  • Phototriac dV/dt Tests
  • Laser Diode Pulse Testing
  • Production Pulsed V-I Tests

High-Voltage Time-of-Flight Pulsers

Avtech offers a variety of pulsers suitable for time-of-flight applications.