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Multi Channel Analyzer BOSON


All settings are saved in spectrometer memory in case of power supply disconnection.

Basic settings:

  • HV ON and OFF
  • HV polarity switching
  • HV value setting
  • Input signal polarity switching
  • Amplification coefficient  setting coarse (in analogue section)
  • Amplification coefficient setting smooth  (in analogue section)
  • P/Z compensation adjustment with optimal adjustment indication
  • ADC capacity switching    1024 / 2048 / 4096 / 8192 / 16384
  • Discrimination threshold value setting  of “fast” channel  (CRM) in conventional unit, in the range of 0 – 30% of dynamic range (by amplitude of output signal on  “LIN OUT”)
  • Discrimination threshold  value  setting of low signal level  (LLD) in the channels, in the range of  0 – 50% of dynamic range (by amplitude of output signal on “LIN OUT”)
  • Discrimination threshold level setting of high signal level  (HLD) in the channels, in the range of  50 – 100% of dynamic range (by amplitude of output signal on  “LIN OUT”)
  • Shaping time constant switching in manual and automatic modes
  • Basic line restoration time switching (8 values)
  • Switching  of the account mode and dead time correction
  • Spectrum acquisition time setting
  • Spectrum acquisition ON and OFF
  • Switching of communication port with the outer computer: USB,LAN, RS-232

Multi Channel Analyzer MS Hybrid


Amplification, optimal filtering, analog-digital conversion of signal from semiconductor detectors of ionizing radiation, the accumulation of spectra and transfer to a PC via an RS-232 or USB, the formation of the necessary voltages for detecting units (high voltage for semiconductor detector and power for preamplifier). Hybrid is designed to work with HPGe or SiLi detectors produced by Baltic Scientific Instruments or other manufacturers.

Digital Multi Channel Analyzer HEXAGON


Hexagon is a compact, stand-alone dual digital 32k MCA, available in desktop form factor. It is designed for high energy resolution semiconductor detectors, like HPGe and SDD.

Thanks to the two input simultaneous acquisition, the module is able to manage coincidence and anti-coincidence logic between detectors, allowing the user, for example, to easily take advantage of background rejection or anti-Compton techniques.
The module has been designed to operate as a scalable multi-input, multi-board acquisition system, offering synchronization capabilities.

The Hexagon houses USB 2.0 and Ethernet interfaces. USB 2.0 allows data transfers up to 30 MB/s.

Digital Miniature Multi Channel Analyzer MCA 527


The MCA527 is a battery powered high performance 16K Multi-Channel Analyzer/Multi-Channel Scaler module with the performance of a laboratory grade MCA. High voltage supply for detector and preamplifier power supply are integrated as well as an internal coarse amplifier and digital filtering and analysis. Together with a detector it forms a small-size gamma spectroscopy system, which is well suited to the demands of field measurements for international safeguards, environmental monitoring, nuclear waste treatment facilities, radioactive transport control and similar applications.


  • Coarse amplifier prefilter with amplifications in steps of 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 corresponding to a full scale ADC;
  • Input signal positive or negative;
  • Linearity better than 0.1%.
  • 14bit, 10 MSps;
  • Integral Nonlinearity <0.025%;
  • temperature stability TK 50.
Digital signal processing:
  • double differential trigger filter, or single differential low energy low count rate trigger filter;
  • Pile-up-suppression, pulse pair resolution ~400ns, depending on trigger filter;
  • Automated and manual adjustment of trigger threshold;
  • Channel splitting 128, 256, 512, 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k or 16k;
  • Differential nonlinearity <1% for 4k channels and 2μs peaking time;
  • Automated PZC adjustment, detector decay time constants from 40μs to 1ms can be compensated;
  • TRP preamplifier or Resistive feedback selectable
High voltage:
  • Detector HV up to ±5kV, polarity depends on module inserted.
Power supply:
  • Li-Ion batteries, operation time 10-25h, depending on detector connected (tbd).
Computer Interface:
  • USB, RS-232 (38.4, 115.2, 307.2 kBd and 3MBd), Ethernet.
  • Housing 164 mm x 111 mm x 45 mm without connectors; weight 820g.
  • operational: at least 0 – 50 °C, eventual larger range;
  • humidity up to 90%, non condensing, IP42.