16 mm Post System

List 8 product

Translating Post Holder – Ø16 mm

Height adjustment ranges up to 15 mm
Spring loaded plunger knob for fine adjustments

P16D Series Post

Stainless steel made
Length ranges from 30 to 300mm

P16D-LE Series Post

Resolution of 1mm in scale
Engraved Scale for Accurate Height Adjustments

Pedestal Adapter

Available in sets of five
Suitable for STD fork

PF Series Pedestal Fork

Open-slotted bases
Suitable for STD Pedestals

PH-16D Series Post Holders

Suitable for 16mm diameter post
A variety of post heights Available

Post Collar

Open-ring design
Aluminium B51S alloy

PPH Series Pedestal Post Holder

Black anodized finish
Compatible with Model: PF-25 STD fork