Nd:Glass Lazerler

Quantel has been manufacturing Nd:Glass lasers for over 40 years. The design of Quantel’s glass lasers is based on a series of ceramic diffuser pumping chambers. The diameter varies from 6 mm to 90 mm.

  • High energy: 10 J, 50 J and above
  • Repetition rate up to 0.1 Hz
  • Top hat, smooth beam profile
  • Beam homogenization by diffractive optics
  • Table top system
  • High reliability
  • Computer controlled
  • No vacuum optical filter
  • Easy to maintain, easy to upgrade
  • Adaptable to the experiment layout


Q-switched laser systems
Each Q-switched laser system is adapted to meet a specific set of customer specifications. Either Nd:YLF or Nd:YAG rods can be used as the active material. To reach the required level of energy, amplification is achieved by matching pumping chambers of increasing diameters, allowing compensation for birefringence. Pulse duration is in the order of 10 to 50 ns. Harmonic generation and beam homogenization options are available for laser pumping applications, such as Titanium-Sapphire crystals.

High energy free-running lasers 
High energy free-running lasers are used primarily for measurements of thermal diffusivity. Their pulse duration range is generally a few hundred microseconds, depending on the specific type of discharge circuit that is used. The energy delivered can reach several hundred joules per pulse, generated by a laser with a relatively small size.


Model PG 9 FR PG 16 FR
Energy per pulse (J) 20 100
Beam diameter (mm) 9 16


  • Laser peening
  • Ti:Sa pumping
  • etc.