XYZ Lens Mounts

Focus adjustable upto 10 mm
1” to 2” lenses can be mounted



This XYZ lens mount consists of focus adjustable mount in X axis and translation movement in Y and Z axes. In this case our FALM series lens mount is fixed to YZ mounts (YZLM series)



        YZ travel range    :    4 mm
        X travel    :    10 mm
        Optics held by threaded rings
        Up to 2″ optics can be mounted
        M6 mounting holes
        Aluminium alloy and stainless steel construction
        Black anodized finish


Documents / Drawings


Model No Optic Size D D1 L T
XYZLM-25 25 / 1″ 25 25 65 20
XYZLM-50 50 / 2″ 50 50 90 20