P-tipi HPGe Koaksiyel Dedektörleri GCDX



  • HPGe detectors with extended energy range GCDX provide outstanding performance not only as regular coaxial detectors but also allowing to go lower in energy range down to 3 keV. Thin contact structure of the HPGe detector accompanying with input window made of Beryllium or Carbon fiber guarantee low energy photon transition to the HPGe crystal and its registration.
  • Input window of the detector is integrated into the end cap of the detector by using high-tech vacuum-tight materials.
  • GCDX HPGe detectors are showing way better performance, such as resolution improvement, if you consider energy range from 100 keV to 662 keV. This is vitally important for those applications where radionuclides with lower energies are required to measure and analyze.
  • Over-square shape HPGe crystals provide better efficiency while measuring relatively compact samples like bottles, vials, petri dishes, etc. Increase of efficiency is observed due to the fact that HPGe crystal is having larger diameter in relationship to its height.


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