Spectrometer AirSPEC


The spectrometer AirSPEC is a monoblock unit, comprising connectors, outputs and hardware for data transfer. Inside of the spectrometer housing has scintillation detector NaI(Tl) inside, photoelectronic multiplier (PMT), spectrometric stabilization system, HV converter, amplifier, multichannel pulses analyzer (MCA) and processor unit. The spectrometer is placed into thermostabilising and damp proof housing.

AirSPEC measurement system is autonomous and automated. Operator is able to access the spectrometer remotely through Ethernet, able to execute the analysis of the measured spectra using modern and full-featured software.

Example of order code :    “AirSPEC-N76-M-A”
[N76] – type and size of detector : ‘N’ – NaI(Tl) ; ‘76’ – Ø76x76mm.

Types of detectors: ‘N’ – NaI(Tl); ‘L’ – LaBr3(Ce); ‘C’ – CeBr.
[M] – monitor.
[W] – winch.
[A] – alarm console.



Scintillation gamma-ray spectrometer AirSPEC is intended for measuring scintillation spectra and also for determination of activities and specific activities of radionuclides in prepared and natural samples in 2π and 4π geometries. Spectrometer can be used for radiation monitoring and various tasks like definition of specific effective activity of naturally occurring radionuclides (NORM) in building materials (granite, crushed stone, gravel, etc.), raw materials, products, waste industrial production and rocks without sampling. In addition, AirSPEC is applicable for measurement of surface activity of the radionuclide 137Cs (and other), mass fraction of NORM in rocks and resins the conditions of their natural occurrence on a surface, in boreholes and in warehouses and transport containers. Moreover, AirSPEC can analyze surface contamination of soil, as well as prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits. The spectrometer can be used for operating in laboratory and in the field conditions.


  • Spectrometer AirSPEC
  • Interfaces unit
  • Thermostabilising housing
  • Collimator (option)
  • Connective cables set
  • Power supply adapter
  • Monitor (option)
  • Winch (option)
  • Alarm console (option)
  • Spectrometric analysis software
  • User manual for Spectrometer AirSPEC


Parameter Value
Detector type NaI(Tl) Ø51x51mm
Measured energies range, keV 50 – 3000
Relative energy resolution on the line 661,7 keV, measuring with radionuclide source 137Cs, %, no more than 8
Detection efficiency of the gamma-radiation in the full energy peak of radionuclide 137Cs, with energy 661,7 keV at a distance of 50 mm from the upper surface of detector, %, at least: 1,2
Integral nonlinearity in the gamma energy range from 50 to 3000 keV,%, not more then ± 1
Maximum throughput, cps, no less than 5∙104
Range of the measurements of specific effective activity for NORM, Bq/kg Expanded uncertainty U=20 %, k=2 50 – 20000
Range of the measurements of mass fractions of NORM in rocks, % 40K U (226Ra) 232Th Expanded uncertainty U=30 %, k=2 0,5 – 15%
0,0005 – 0,05 %
0,0005 – 0,10 %
Range of the measurements of surface activity of 137Cs, kBq/m2 Expanded uncertainty U=20 %, k=2 2 – 5000
Channels quantity in the spectrum 1024, 2048
Operation conditions Ambient air temperature, 0С Air relative humidity, % Atm.pressure in the range, kPа Intensity of magnetic fields of the permanent and variable grid frequencies, А/m -30 ÷ +60
up to 100
84 ÷ 106,7
up to 40
Data transfer interfaces Ethernet, RS-485, USB
Overall dimensions, mm : spectrometer interface unit Ø140×330 40x130x150
Shell protection level IP68
Inner Software functions: spectra measurement and record; identification of radionuclides in accordance to the library list; calculation of activity, volumetric activity, MDA, dose rate; count rate measurement in regions of interest (ROI); sensors polling and obtained parameters record; indicators response for the specified conditions is provided.