Low Cost, Non-Contact Single-Point Measurement in Silicon

Both WT-1200 and WT-1200B provide fast, non-contact carrier lifetime measurement method that is capable of characterizing silicon material in each process step of solar cell manufacturing.

WT-1200 is designed to measure wafers from as-cut wafer to the finished solar cell. WT-1200B is a model for block measurements.


Features and System specifications:

  • No need for access to back side of the wafer
  • Fully automatic operation and data evaluation
  • Measurement selectable at any position on the wafer
  • Measurement of mono- and multi-crystalline material
  • Patented chemical surface passivation option available for wafers
  • Wafers can be measured after each process step of solar cell manufacturing:
    • Incoming as-cut wafer
    • Diffused wafers (with or without phosphorous glass)
    • Nitride coated wafers
    • Metallized wafers
    • Finished solar cells