Polarizer Mounts

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Precision Polarizer Rotator with Tilt

TLT Series

Fine tilting beam axis arrangement
Precision rotary & fine adjustments

Precision Polarizer Rotator

PMP Series

Micrometer Driven controller
Precision rotary & fine adjustments

Beam Dump

Available in 3 Configurations
Compatible Models for Low & High power Lasers

Manual Polarizer Rotators

PMC Series

360° Rotation with locking knob
Graduated Circular degree scale from 0 to 360°

Motorized Polarizer Rotator (Slow Speed High Resolution)

Slow Speed High Resolution

Angular Resolution 0.01 degree
Stepper Motor is used as actuator


Motorized Polarizer Rotator (High Speed Low Resolution)

High Speed Low Resolution

Angular Resolution 0.5°
Stepper Motor is used as actuator