Manual Polarizer Rotators

PMC Series

360° Rotation with locking knob
Graduated Circular degree scale from 0 to 360°



Polarizer rotators are suitable to rotate polarisers, wave plates, crystals etc. Four types of manual polariser rotators are available for different applications. Suitable adapters for various optic sizes are available on request.

Polarizer Rotator

PMC Series

PMC Series can be rotated and locked at desired position. Single polarizer mount and dual polarizer mounts are available in PMC series.



        1° resolution
        Manual 360° rotation
        Optics held by threaded ring
        Threaded bore depth    :    12 mm
        M6 mounting holes
        Post mountable
        Aluminium alloy
        Black anodized finish


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Model No Optic Diameter Thread D d c
PMC – 25 25 mm / 1″ HM1 25 mm 56 mm 40 mm
PMC – 50 50 mm / 2″ HM2 50 mm 81 mm 53 mm