HB16 Wire Bonder with Motorized Z & Y Axis

HB16 Wire Bonder with motorized Z- & Y-Axis



HB16 Wire Bonder with motorized Z- & Y-Axis

  • Gold, aluminium, silver & copper wire

    Wire sizes from 17µm to 75µm Ribbon sizes up to 25×250µm

  • Wedge, ball & ribbon bonding

    Easy to switch between different bonding modes

  • Repeatable Loop Profiles

    Motorised axis allows precise loop repetition

  • 6.5″ Touch Panel

    6.5″ Touch Panel provides easy, intuitive control

  • Automatic bond height adjustment

    Z-axis sensor identifies touch down & sets height parameters

  • Simple Loop Programming

    Create individual loop profiles consisting of up to 10 steps

  • Storage of 100 parameters

    Storage & access of up to 100 parameter sets

  • Deep & wide access

    Ample work space due to special bond head design

  • Motorised Wire Clamp

    Precise tail length control

  • Motorised Wire Spool

    For consistent looping

  • Extension Kit compatibility

    Pick & Place, Pull Tester, Video Targeting and Copper Ball Bonding