XRF Analyzers

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Au-Isomer Industrial Gold Ore Assay System


The «Au-Isomer» gamma-activation ore assay system is intended for high performance industrial use to provide highly accurate, rapid, repeatable, and non-destructive determination of the quantity of gold and associated elements in ore samples.

Electron linear accelerator has the following original technical specifications:

  • high efficiency semiconductor pulse modulator for klystron and electron source,
  • constant control for electrons energy and beam current.

Spectrometric system for registration of the induced gamma radiation based on multi-crystal HPGe detectors.

The automated control system for the «Au-Isomer» industrial ore assay system enables control over the functioning of the basic components and coordination of timing of their operation.

The information processing system provides information reading from gamma-radiation spectrometers, the calculation of the quantities of gold and associated elements in the sample in accordance with defined algorithms, information transfer for display to the user, and the saving of information for each identified sample by sample number in the database for subsequent retrieval and analysis.

The sample transportation system enables identification and registration of samples, weighs each sample, and moves identified samples from one control point to another (weighing point, sample activation point, measurement point, and the storage point for measured samples) in the successive frames of the ore assay system.

ED XRF Analyzer X-Art M


X-Art M is a versatile analyzer for determination of chemical composition in various objects including artworks. In the open air elements from Mg (Z=12) to U (Z=92) are analyzed simultaneously. Detection limit for the elements of moderate atomic number in light matrix is about 1 ppm. Detector crystal thickness of 3 to 5 mm provides high efficiency and in principle all heavy elements can be analyzed through K-series fluorescent lines.

Laboratory EDXRF Analyzer X-REF


The X-REF C12 is a desktop energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. X-REF C12 provides multielement analysis of samples from sodium (Na) to uranium (U), with concentration on the level of several ppm and up to dozens of percents. X-REF C12 developed for analysis of various nature and industrial materials.

NitroSPEC-X Hand-Held XRF Spectrometer


NitroSPEC-X is used for in-situ and laboratory measurement of characteristic X- and γ – radiation and is applicable for X-ray fluorescence spectrometry and gamma spectrometry.

Online Multichannel Coating Thickness Analyzer


Coating Thickness Analyzer is a tool for precise and accurate XRF measurement of various metallic and non-metallic coatings thickness (anticorrosive, insulating, antioxidizing, waterproof, pipe coating, etc.). Base/coating components are elements from Mg to U. System is applicable for control and monitoring of industrial processes.

Online XRF Conveyor Analyzer CON-X


On-line XRF conveyor analyzer CON-X is used to identify and measure the concentration of the elements and minerals in ores and materials on a conveyor belt.
The analyzer detects elements from Al (Z=13) to U (Z=92)


  • Economy of raw material
  • Recycling of used material
  • Time saved due to rapid real-time analysis.